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A rant from my brother

My brother is the reason I learned to code. To be honest, he's probably forgotten more about programming than I'll ever know, and I'm not exaggerating. His preferred languages are Haskell and OCaml, but he's recently had to dive into Javascript for a project he's working on. I received this …

The Myth of Mobile Computing

note - I use the term General Purpose Computer (GPC) rather than PC as it does not carry connotations of which OS you are running

This is not an anti-Apple rant. I love my iPad. It's the device I pick up the moment I get out of bed in the morning …

How I do my computing by !=Richard Stallman

  • I use an HP laptop with Windows on it. I'm not sure which model it is. It's blue. I also have a Samsung Galaxy thingy, which I use for the Internet quite a lot.

  • I chose Windows because it came with the laptop, with lots of helpful tools made by …

KickStarting A Revolution

So I've had an idea. It might very well be the worst idea ever, I can't really judge as I'm naturally biased - I think all my ideas are amazing.

The First World Problem

First World Problems

I'm unhappy about the current political landscape. In England we have a choice between three parties; Conservatives …

GitHub for Teachers

Why use GitHub?

I'm not sure how you share resources within your departments, but I should imagine it is much the same way as resources are shared in my school. The creator of the resource uploads them to a shared area on the school server and then informs everyone where …

The One App To Rule Them All

New app - AutoBotClassRoomManager will revolutionise the way you teach forever.

Why your students must use KnowledgeHeroine and use it now.

1,000,000,000 ways to use PinBook in your classroom.

These are typical of the tweets that pop into my twitter feed on an almost hourly basis. I'm a …


I'm not the first blogger to highlight the similarities between the Snowden revelations and Philip K. Dick's excellent short story - The Minority Report. I'll brush over the fact that most commentators seem to have forgotten, or be unaware, that the concept of Precrime did not first appear in the inferior …

The NSA hears a Who

So young Snowden sat, his laptop on his knee,
And wondered whether we'd ever be free.
Siphoning data from all the four corners,
and thinking that someone should finally warn us.

"Enough is enough" he suddenly thought,
This data is private and cannot be sought.
People trust Facebook and Google …