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How I do my computing by !=Richard Stallman

  • I use an HP laptop with Windows on it. I'm not sure which model it is. It's blue. I also have a Samsung Galaxy thingy, which I use for the Internet quite a lot.

  • I chose Windows because it came with the laptop, with lots of helpful tools made by HP so that I can connect to wireless networks and play DVDs. I don't understand why Windows doesn't include these things itself.

  • I do all my work in Word or PowerPoint. They're both great programs. I use Word to write letters, memos, reports and make posters for my gardening club. I like Word because it means that anyone can be a graphic designer. I like to use WordArt all the time, as it makes my work stand out. When I make PowerPoints I take my audience into consideration. I like to make my presentations interesting for them. To do this I use lots of different colours and different fonts on each slide and make sure that the words fly around and bounce a lot.

  • I use email mainly for registering with Internet sites I go on. I use Gmail for this. I've never been able to figure out how to get emails in Outlook so I just get them on the Internet. I never download attachments from people I don't know. If I know the person and they send me an attachment then I'll download it and open it as I love the funny pictures I get sent in zip files. I sometimes get emails from friends warning of scams where people pretend their car has broken down or something. I forward these emails to all my friends so they also know the dangers.

  • I get a lot of spam emails and I don't understand why. I'm not stupid so I don't send money to people in Nigeria. I like the emails I get about competitions though, and I normally enter these as I'd quite like to win a new MacBook.

  • The Internet on my laptop runs really slowly and it's quite difficult to see sites because of all the toolbars that take up half of the screen. Also when I load the Internet I get annoyed by all the pop-ups that suddenly appear for adult dating sites and on-line gambling. I used to get lots of annoying messages on the Internet about things like ActiveX, but a friend showed me how to change my security settings so they don't come any more.

  • I use all the Social Networks. I have two-thousand friends on Facebook. I use Twitter and Google+ to follow the celebrities I like. On Twitter I follow nine hundred people and I have six hundred people in my Google+ circles. I don't post things to Twitter very much as I only have six followers and they just send me offers for adult dating and on-line gambling.

  • When I'm on the Internet I'm always logged into Facebook, Google and Twitter. This makes it easy to 'Like' videos I see. Also it means I don't have to type in my password all the time. My password is easy to remember as it's my cat's name and my son's date of birth. A friend told me this was unsafe, but I don't see how anyone could possibly guess it.

  • I like to post pictures of my cat to Facebook, and also photo's of my son, especially at his birthday parties. Facebook is great. I have the Facbook app on my phone. I post things to Facebook about ten times a day, and it is the only way I talk to my friends and family. Every photo I take goes on Facebook. I also check-in whenever I'm out somewhere interesting, like my local Fish and Chip shop or when I'm abroad for a couple of weeks on holiday.

  • Sometimes Facebook is not so good, especially when you get people bullying you on there who don't agree with you. I hate bullies so I always put them in their place, and my messages are always in capitals so they know how wrong they are.

  • I'm quite careful with my computer. I make sure I'm safe by having anti-virus. I have AVG, AVAST, Norton, Microsoft Security Essentials and a few others that I downloaded from sites that said my computer was infected. I do find anti-virus annoying because they keep telling me to update, but I just close the messages as I think this is a scam to make me buy newer versions that don't do anything special.

  • I'm very careful with my files. I have two folders on my desktop. The first folder has all my files in it and I always backup everything into the second folder in case the first one gets accidentally deleted. I used to backup everything onto a USB, but I kept losing it.

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